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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Alias Buchanan

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Lost and Found

‘Lost and Found’ responds to the effects of coastal erosion and the loss of land along the Norfolk coastline. This is particularly true in Bacton, where the question of infrastructural losses at the coastal edge brings to question the gas economy of the Bacton Gas Terminal, whilst simultaneously threatening the livelihood of a village. How do people respond to losing their homes to coastal retreat? The project aims to respond to this issue by proposing a new village that develops in the spaces left by the decommissioning of the Bacton Gas Terminal. It proposes a biofuel village built from a series of collective volumes – reducing surface area, energy, and material - responding to the temporality of this landscape. The biofuel village makes use of willow vegetation as a metaphor for a way of ‘Living, working and learning’ through biofuel and craft. Within the plan for the project is the maintenance of ‘Industrial Relics’ that wild in the landscape. As part of this effort to reuse and reinterpret the historic gas infrastructure – an existing portal frame building is repurposed as the origin building of this development. Its life begins as a coloniser shed, tasked with providing flexible warehouse spaces and yards for decommissioned material salvage, biofuel agriculture, allotments, and temporary dwellings. Over time, the village develops through the lens of this origin building, as its uses transition in specificity towards providing learning spaces for Primary School children.

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