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︎Studio 4, Year 3

Bushra Tellisi

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The Self-Build Factory

The Self-build factory is a site of production and education for self-build housing located in Mitte, Berlin – acting as an antithesis to corporate influences along the River Spree. Through repurposing the former Berlin Eisfabrik (Ice Factory) into a site of production and exchange of skills, local communities can reimagine the city, and in the words of Roger Zogolovitch, become their own developers. 
Beside the factory would be a wheatfield, contrasting connotations of rurality with the centrality of the site, to then be used in the production of straw housing panels. The site becomes both a site of production, and a site of producing the production itself. Metaphorically more than practically, this represents how brownfield sites across the city can be repurposed and conserved to reframe how we view our cities today.

Bushra Tellisi

︎Studio 4, Year 3

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