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︎Studio 4, Year 3

Daniel Sars

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Submerging Stronghold

In a hypothetical future in which climate change has melted all of earth’s glaciers, sea levels will rise with an expected 80 meters. In places of vulnerable cultural heritage and fragile community identities like Venice, a tower becomes a symbolic indicator of the level the sea will reach if no action is undertaken to revert this slow climate disaster. A programme of observation, research and philosophical discussion about risk aims to revert or mitigate the effects of climate change, combining knowledge from various academic fields. As such, the tower tries to prevent the necessity for its secondary programme: to be a stronghold for the community in times of crisis and floods. Over the centuries, as the sea level creeps up and the tower is more and more submerged, it becomes a physical anchor point for a changed urban structure. Floating structures, using rafts and pontoons, become the new home of the existing community. Referencing lighthouse construction and built out of solid stone, the tower is meant to withstand centuries of waves and soil movement, in order to mark the ancestral soil of its community.

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