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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Eleanor Lee

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Waterscape: A Revivification of Bacton Gas Terminal

Located on the North-East coast of Norfolk, the site of this brief can be observed to create a dynamic intersection between a shifting sea edge due to coastal erosion, and an attitude towards decommissioning use of natural gas, towards more sustainable approaches to energy and carbon. 'Waterscape’ scales up a inhabited leisure intervention in dialogue with the eroding coastal edge. As a quasi-picturesque experience of surreal placemaking between land and ocean, the project encourages a new ecosystem around it, both above and below a lake’s surface. Key to the project is a relationship between building and landscape, both being part of ‘architecture’. Then, there is a separate dialogue of designing a mussel farm, which is then a route to this beautiful water landscape. This forms an aesthetic project, which sits within this cultural tradition of intervening in the land-scape through water. I borrow ideas, such as having four seasonal pavilions, alongside the factory which is instead a response to the practical requirements. The buildings leverage this special situa-tion, becoming encapsulated in this surreal environment, but also have a job to do in terms of work-ing the site successfully.
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