ARCSOC is the
University of Cambridge
Architecture Society

Equipment List

Before reading this list, we’d like to stress that you definitely don’t need to purchase all of these items straight away. There are various shops around Cambridge and online, and you may find some pieces of equipment more useful than others. 

ARCSOC also runs a small shop that sells the essentials such as paper, blades, and lineweight pens at a very low cost. Some Cambridge colleges also financially support architecture students by providing reimbursements or a budget for materials and equipment. 

Recommended to Purchase:
Metal Ruler
Rolling Ruler
Scalpel Handle
Masking Tape
Mechanical Pencil
Scalpel Blades
Stanley Knife

To Consider Purchasing:
Scale Rulers
Glue Guns
Tape Measure

Provided by the Department (often as loaned items):
Set Square
Drawing Tube
Drawing Board
Cutting Mats