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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Jasper Stiby

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Under One Roof

This project interpreted the architectural qualities of historic great barns to design a singular building functioning as a farmstead serving arable farmland and managed woodland. The design created is a contemporary “great barn” that provides generous and flexible potential to equally support a modern day farm’s infrastructure, its produce and the local ecological landscape. An approach of subdivision between the barn's two main storeys allows flexible inhabitation in the northern accommodation end, and throughout the entire building. It's construction from rammed earth, timber, straw-bonded clay and strengur turf allows the architecture to be maintained through natural materials sourced from it's immediate productive landscape. Grooves in the rammed earth and louvres in the roof eaves allow plants and animals to enter and be supported by the architecture. Bats and birds, grain and wood, and farmers democratically inhabit the barn's interior, supporting the local ecological landscape whilst simultaneously maintaining an arable and coppiced woodland farm. The farm holds aspirational ambition to diversify the industry away from monocrop farming. Furthermore, it represents the harmonious relationship that agriculture should aim for with its immediate environment.


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