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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Lydia Roe

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Ring O' Roses

The title ‘Ring O’ Roses’ refers to the three main features of this project- the physical form of its circular landscape proposal, the cut flower farm it proposes for the site’s new agricultural use, and the rhyme’s associations with the Plague references its core themes of mortality and memorialization. This project frames the future decommissioning of Bacton gas terminal as a type of ‘death’ occurring on the site, and proposes it, in its violent impact on nature and as a piece of industrial heritage, as a place worthy of remembrance. In this project, the technique of burial in earth is used as an appropriate method for dealing with the remaining material of the terminal, and to create an earthwork ring which protects the delicate flower farm from the coastal exposure. The design for the landscape and architecture of the farm investigates two qualities found in earthworks- firstly the material joyful experience of a piece of land art, and secondly the immaterial impacts of what it means to cover something with earth and to inhabit buried spaces. This project aims to capture the innate sacrality of underground spaces through precedent studies of Neolithic burial sites and explores the higher status a buried object takes on, playing on the idea that to cover something in earth deems it worthy of preservation. Through its circular form and reuse of materials, this project explores the cyclical nature of life and death, and the processes through which those events occur.

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