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Ingrid Schröder, Aram Mooradian, James Pockson, Conrad Koslowsky and Julika Gittner

MPhil in Architecture & Urban Design (MAUD)
The RIBA Part 2 degree at Cambridge is unique in the UK—students do not rehearse their professional careers in the isolation of design units, they begin their professional careers with independent research. Over the course of two years, students develop a thesis with an academic advisor, speculate design interventions with design tutors, and strategise the implementation of their proposals with the contacts on site.

Increasingly, our profession operates within the grey economy. Not only are we designing and building: we are writing, protesting, performing and, of course, teaching. These ancillary aspects of our profession stem directly from our design schools and are the means by which we push the ambitions of practice, address issues of gender equality, connect with the cultural life of our cities and the international community, and engage with government and industry.

The MAUD programme asserts that the relevance of the profession is maintained by its ability to adapt to shifts in local, global, political and social trends. Its compulsory fieldwork component allows students to spend four to six months on site, engaged with local actors, participating in related research at host institutions, or, indeed, implementing ambitious design proposals. In this way, each year, the diverse range of student projects gives us a glimpse into the very current issues that challenge our profession, our society and our time.

Fourth Year Students

Kirsty Bekoe-Tabiri

Lou Elena Bouey

Benjamin Carter

Hadley Clarke

Sebastian Fathi

Grey Grierson

Bijou Harding

Finn Harries

Weixuan He

Rachel Kelly

Yousuf Khalil

Kimberley Lau

Lide Li

Matthew Lindsay

Yanny Lung

Sophia Malik

Ryan Myers

Ama Ofori-Darko

Stephen Pearcy

Ellie Piper

Joe Ridealgh

Michal Saniewski

Kieran Tam

Iiris Täthi Toom

Zizheng Wu


Ronita Bardhan

Minna Sunikka Blank

James Campbell

Ana Gatóo

Felipe Hernández

Ying Jin

Irit Katz

Lefkos Kyriacou

Ingrid Schröder

Janina Schupp

Darshil Shah

Nick Simcik-Arese

Koen Steemers

Maximilian Sternberg

Year 1