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MPhil in Architecture & Urban Studies (MAUS)

MAUS Project Titles

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‘Inside Out’

Dimitri Brand

‘Mobility, Control and Resistance: London Street Sellers from 1850 to 1950’

Camille Chabrol

‘Tracing the Symbolist Dichotomy of Art Nouveau: From Zola to Guimard’

Elisian Ralli

‘Utopia Inc. — How Machines for Living and Capital Combine in Comfort Town, a Post-Socialist Housing Project‘

Morgan Forde

‘Cistercian Severity and the Architecture of Medieval Economies ‘ 

Dimitris Hartonas

‘Street visual quality and subjective well-being in older adults: Cross-sectional mediation analyses on multiple pathways‘

Dongsheng He

‘Impact of participatory budgeting on citizens’ agency in the development of public space in Warsaw’

Anna Kicinska Dobrawa

‘Synagogue Stories of Schum: Seeking Narrative in the Rhineland Sites of German-Jewish Memory-Work‘

Ariel Koltun-Fromm

‘Research on identification and mechanism of the influence of large-scale urban renewal project on the comprehensive vitality of surrounding communities: research on surrounding area of King’s Cross based on online planning application data’

Runnan Li

‘How Does Digital Media Participate in the Formation of Urban Experience? Studies of VR-facilitated Historic Preservation, Urban Environment in the Video Game, and the Internet Cafés.’

Yulin Li

‘How Climate-Sensitive Design Impacts Human Behaviour and Public Space Usage in Winter? – An Empirical Analysis’

Zhaoxi Li

‘How Historic Urban Areas are and will be Impacted by Climate Change in Asian Coastal Cities? A case study in Shanghai via a Holistic Impact Assessment Method‘

Xiuchun Liang

‘Walking against the tag: the restrictions and resistance of electronically tagged migrants in Croydon‘

Kitya Mark

‘Securing Inclusive Representation of QTIPOC spaces in London’s urban planning initiatives‘

Antonia Munteanu Ioana

‘Is rural electrification a mirage in Southeast Asia? – A study of political paralysis and upheaval of people in the building of mega energy infrastructure’

Abirami Murugappan

‘Demonstrating Regenerative Narratives of Abandoned Industrial Infrastructure Projects by Mixed-Research and Design Methodology’

Tianning Shao

‘Constructing a design strategy for improving urban greenway usage by deconstruction and coding method’

Qi Zhang

‘Training of in-service bridge disease detection based on autoencoders’

Aoyu Zou



Year 1