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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Manika Patel

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A Farm with a View

A Farm with a View proposes a strategy to frame the Norfolk landscape as a place of aesthetic value. In creating landscapes based on the picturesque views they create, the scheme draws on the provincial landscape paintings of France, to integrate their vibrancy into the colour palette of Norfolk. Designed in perspective, the three landscapes which make up my strategy farm sunflowers, lavender, and wheat. The landscapes frame a village green, and the path which runs its perimeter, at the centre of the site. Arched follies, placed along the path to turn the gaze, frame certain views, so that the experience of the site is heightened at certain points. The village green is a product of the pictorially designed spaces around it, and as such, forms an asymmetrical diamond-shaped space. It will operate as a contemporary functional space; as a village green would in the 21st century. My scheme focuses on the farmyard, which lies at the north-western corner of the site, and is made up of a barn and farmhouse. The arched forms of the follies were carried forward into the architecture, particularly that of the barn’s double arched structure. The farmhouse extends from the path to a field boundary, with the sequence of spaces integrated with internal courtyards which each feature a ring of birch trees. These courtyards, and their relationships to different landscapes, allows one to have small contemplative relationships with nature, and larger ones through views across the huge flat landscape. This would lend itself, in the building’s afterlife, to its transformation into a place of retreat, unlocking the potential of the landscape in a new way.

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