ARCSOC is the
University of Cambridge
Architecture Society



ARCSOC Pavilion 2019

This year ARCSOC produced a modular stage and rubber matting system for HistoryWorks, Cambridge.

HistoryWorks is based in the Abbey Ward area, a district with some of the highest deprivation in the city. They work with local children and nearby schools. The stage will be used both as seating, storage, in performance and play. The matting consists of six rubber mats which can overlap and be pegged into the ground. This demarcates a larger performance area on the ground for their choral and drama productions. However, it can also be used as a messy painting mat, floor protector during one of their arts and crafts sessions or even a dancefloor on the common.

Special thanks go to Helen Weinstein of HistoryWorks, who showed us around Abbey Ward and Polyflor Limited, who sponsored the project and were kind enough to provide us with their colourful flooring.

ARCSOC Pavilion 2017

‘Loom Space’

In March 2017 ARCSOC constructed this seating area for the Cambridge Science Festival based on the theme of looms, creating a social space that referenced early industrial processes.

ARCSOC Pavilion 2016

‘A Buskers’ Stage’

We have teamed up with the homeless charity Wintercomfort to design and build a 'Buskers' Stage' to run alongside a soup kitchen. The project aims to elevate Cambridge musicians and street performers onto the same platform, raising awareness of Cambridge's rough sleepers.