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︎Studio 2, Year 3

Tia Grant

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Bacton Dye Farm

Bacton Dye FarmThe project proposes transforming the gas terminal into a dye works and complimentary flower farm. The flowers and trees will be grown and processed in the dye works by hand. The farm will also house many sheep, who’s yarn can be dyed and manipulated within this same facility whilst they simultaneously help to maintain the grassland. Synthetic fabric dying is an extremely energy intensive process, so it seems fitting to give a site of the gas terminals nature to a program which is more environmentally conscious. The building aims to mirror these environmental principles through its materiality and provide conditions that balance the industrial and residential aspects of the program, helping to cultivate a community committed to returning to the traditions of natural dying and introducing it to wider society. The heightened windows, orientation and flexible plan allow optimum sunlight and provide varied views for workers taking on intricate and time-consuming tasks; qualities which allow the facility to take on a second life as a textile exhibition space.
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