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Year 1


Tom Benton & Carlos Sanchez

Visiting Critics:
Christopher de Vries
David Leech
David Rademacher
Mary Anne Steane
Takero Shimazaki
Richard Wentworth

Special Thanks:
Stan Finney
Alice Cuttriss

Where to Land: Departures and Arrivals between Forts and Ports

This year Studio 1 worked in and around Felixstowe in Suffolk. Felixstowe Town and its Port have become increasingly disconnected as the technology of global maritime trade has become more automated. Learning from City-Ports across Europe we questioned if their relationship could be more civic. Working in groups we developed a strategic architectural ambition for the Landguard Peninsula and the Port's perimeter fence that allowed us to situate a series of small interventions across a wide territory.

We started the year by researching and recording the physical and metaphysical qualities of the existing ground with a set of drawings, models, and exploratory photographs. This research quickly informed and ran alongside the design projects.

Project 1 - Do you wish you were here?

The first project consisted of a series of small public buildings along the eroding Suffolk coast, acting as a threshold between public life and the sea. The individual site for this first project was selected by each student during the initial research into the five ecologies of Felixstowe's shoreline. We focused on how buildings are put together; how one prepares the ground to make a building and the potential for construction and structure to make a gesture beyond itself.

Project 2 - Tribes and Territories – A House of Exchange

The second project developed what was learned in the first term. We designed large community owned buildings along the perimeter fence of the Port, harnessing and benefiting from its micro economy and energy. These buildings bolstered the cultural life of the town and its threshold to the Port. Students were encouraged to develop an individual thesis defining the place and specific nature of their proposal. Combining careful observation with joyful improvisation, we sought new architectural possibilities in the world that surrounds and sustains our activities.

The studio is interested in material expression, encouraging students to develop large scale physical and drawn constructions alongside two dimensional design work.