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Tom Benton & Carlos Sanchez


We started the year by learning from buildings on our doorstep, in Cambridge, examining how these structures were planned and what influenced their design. We responded to what we found through a project that added a new chapter to their story. During the Lent and Easter terms we applied this new knowledge and attitude towards the built environment within South London’s more disturbed but equally rich soil. Our designs were an exercise in redesign.

Project 1 - A New Chapter - Restore, Renew, Adjust

We started the year by acting as archaeologists, digging down and unearthing the history of prominent projects across Cambridge University‘s community of educational buildings. We investigated the economic, political, social, cultural and technical conditions prevalent at the time of constructing the buildings. We researched how and why new ideas were emerging and what progress meant to the culture out of which the project grew. By comparing these buildings, we explored how stories and their meanings change over time, and how they transformed the image of the city, the neighbourhood, the landscape or the entire built environment of which they are a part of. In the second part of the term we built on the built. Out of our archaeological dig, extensions and interventions grew telling fresh but strangely familiar stories.

Project 2 - Environments for Learning

Building on what was learnt during the Michaelmas term, we continued developing public buildings for education. We jumped out of Cambridge carrying with us our findings from Michaelmas and landed in South London to explore Southwark’s Low Line – a new walking destination for London along the length of the mighty Victorian rail viaducts spanning Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey. The Low Line connects diverse neighbourhoods and communities in south London, linking existing and new hubs of creativity, entertainment, and industry along its course. Focusing on low carbon timber construction, we looked for opportunities to grow educational institutions out of this fragmented but fertile and fast growing territory.


Mila Allemann

Hannah Back

Meera Bahree

Victoria Chong

Theo Fitzpatrick

Haytham Hamodi

Abdullah Khan

Sarah Portsmouth

Mollie Ring-Hrubesova

Ioana Sandu

Daisy Shelton

Takuro Shirasaki

Felix Slark

Celeste Spratt

Hannah Stott
Visiting Critics:

Josh Bristow

Laura Evans

Jose Silva

Mary Anne Steane

Year 1