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Year 1


Oliver Cooke & Anna Andrich

Sites of Production

Felixstowe is a small seaside town and the UK's largest container port. It is a landscape of data clouds and seagulls, mega vessels and ice cream vans carpeted with semi-detached houses and big boxes. The studio operates in the blind spot of these complex layers with the ambition to carve out a new landscape for experimentation and experience. Our architecture challenges type, scale, and form in a local and transnational context to ask how architecture plays out at this intersection.

Following on from our work in Rainham in 2018/2019 our interest in the periphery continues - to what extent should this territory be defined as an edge, understood merely as the end of one thing and the start of another. Perhaps it is more generous to recognise this intangible hinterland as a place that makes everything else happen, the sites of production that support the rest.

Projects include a contraband theatre, a Schaulager II, an apiary, a walled garden of conditions, a collective farm, a bioethanol stock exchange, an apple warehouse, a nuclear waste ruin and a woodland cemetery that mitigates the port's CO2 emission.