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Year 1


Marcie Larizadeh & Edmund Wilson

Shared Space

This year Studio 3 has undertaken projects that investigate the potential of shared space in the coastal town of Felixstowe. We have looked at the ability of architecture to bring people together and exchange ideas in everyday situations, as well as the collective impact of individual actions on a shared ecology. A considered approach to building within a fragile environment has been mirrored by an investigation of character, narrative and cinema and their relationship to the language of architecture.

Our first project started with detailed drawing of nearby buildings to investigate the existing context and used the fictive construct of individual characters to imagine how residents of Felixstowe might inhabit the new architecture proposed. We continued to develop in detail the design of a small group of dwellings on empty sites in a section of town that together imagined the future life of this neighbourhood.

Our second project used film as a means of understanding the particular landscape of the coast of Felixstowe. Students studied film precedents that relate to the narrative of the sea and made individual films of their response to this landscape. We continued by modelling the site with proposals that tested interventions in scale and material and the potential for new forms of public space. In the Easter term, projects were developed to concrete proposals from a wide range of individual briefs that interpreted the provision of cinema and workspace in a new public building.

Through these projects we have sought a grounded link between the projects and the community for which they are proposed, as well as models of architectural form that are relevant to contemporary society and a fragile ecology.