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Nikolai Delvendahl & Mike Tuck


This year studio 4 asked how a 21st Century ‘Risk Society’ will respond to the unknown and unknowable. How can and should we as designers transform and adapt the world around us by understanding the complexities and harnessing the opportunities that emerge from a crisis? How can we embrace risk as an enabling tool to create a better, healthier and more sustainable world?

We asked our students to start the year with a 24 hour film challenge to make 1 minute film observing nhow our environment has found opportunity in the risks around us. During the Michaelmas term we challenged the group to ‘think big’ and propose ambitious policy or rule changes which have far-reaching consequences for how we build. We worked with the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk to understand how public policy responds to emerging risks.

In the Lent term we drew on specialisms and expertise inside and outside of the department and asked the students to become experts on innovative and radical materials which would become the literal building blocks of our resilience. Working with a range of materials from mycelium to carbon-fibre the students developed prototype building systems which would be applicable later in the year.

The Easter term saw our gaze turn towards potential sites to locate and test our prototype projects across the world. Unable to visit the sites in-person due to travel restrictions the students became architectural detectives using digital resources to understand the context and history of their sites from afar.

Film and Moving Image formed a key part of the studio’s culture and we asked everyone to use these tools to explore scale, texture and narrative within their work.


Yeliz Abdurahman

Beyyinah Ahmed

Marcus Fernandes

Amy Ma

Mykola Murashko

Maryam Popoola

Helena Robless

Daniel Sars

Ksenia Slutskaya

Bushra Tellisi

Gréta Panna Toth

Barbara Urmossy

Dot Zhang


Lord Browne of Ladyton

Sam Clayton

Romey Edwards

Ben Lovedale

German Nieva

February Philips

Jonathan Pugh

Clarissa Rios Rojas

Percy Weston

Paolo Zaide

Special Thanks:

The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

The Centre for Natural Material Innovation

Onkar Kula

Aurimas Bukauskas


Year 1